“Rectal Rocket” Suppositories for Persistent Hemorrhoids & Rectal Fissures


Rectal Rocket



How Does the Rectal Rocket Work?

The “rectal rocket” is a special suppository designed by PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) for hemorrhoids and rectal fissures that rivals traditional suppositories in three ways:

  • It treats internal and external hemorrhoids simultaneously.
  • It does not get lost in the rectum, but remains at the point of insertion and allows for better drug absorption – keeps the medication in place for approximately 4-6 hours.
  • A slit at the side of the suppository allows gas to be expelled without losing the suppository.

Example of Compounds for Hemorrhoids:

  1. Lidocaine HCl 2%/Hydrocortisone 1% Suppository (No Rx Needed)
  2. Aloe Vera 3%/Vitamin E 100 IU/Zinc Oxide 3% Suppository (No Rx Needed)

Sig: 1 PR HS as needed       Mitte: 3 rectal rocket suppositories        Price: $28.99

Example of Compounds for Rectal Fissures:

  1. Nifedipine 0.2% Suppository
  2. Diltiazem 2% Suppository

Sig: 1 PR HS as needed       Mitte: 3 rectal rocket suppositories      Price: $37.99

Where Can I Get Rectal Rockets?

PCCA is presently the sole producer of rectal rocket molds, which are available only to PCCA member pharmacies. Sina Pharmacy specializes in custom compounds, is a member of PCCA, carries the rectal rocket mold, and can compound specialized formulas for hemorrhoid and rectal fissures among other conditions.  Healthcare providers who want specifics about these preparations or more information about the many possible Rectal Rocket formulations may contact your pharmacist at Sina Pharmacy (604-336-SINA).


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