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Use the online booking system to schedule your appointment ahead of time. Same day appointments are also available. You can select your family doctor or see the schedule of doctors and book accordingly.

Please note that during the COVID-19 outbreak we only book telehealth appointments. The link for connecting to our telehealth system is permanent and you can use it multiple times:

*** Terms & Conditions ***

Terms & Conditions:
If you are following-up about your lab results:  in general, after our doctors check your results if everything looks normal we will not contact you but if the doctor needs to go over your results you will receive a call from us to book a follow-up appointment. If you wish to know your results you can also check the myehealth website. Please do not call us about your lab results. We cannot discuss your results over the phone and cannot printout or release any information without the doctor’s permission. If you feel you need to see a doctor you can book an appointment online.
When you book an appointment: you should receive a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive an email please  call us to make sure your time slot is reserved.
When you booked your appointment:  it does not mean the doctor will see you exactly at your appointment time. The average time for each appointment is 10 minutes, but some appointments may take longer. What we guarantee is that when you book an appointment you will be seen by the doctor same day for sure and you will be seen ahead of other walk-in patients.
If you are late for your appointment: if you don’t check-in on time for your appointment you will be pushed back in our waiting list and if there is no available time slot the doctor may not see you for same day. If you can’t make your appointment on time, please call us to see if we can keep your appointment.
If you missed your appointment: if you do not show up for your appointment there will be a $50 charge applied to your account. To avoid this penalty, you need to cancel online or email us 24 hours before your appointment to move or cancel your appointment.

If you are booking for Telehealth visit or phone consultation: you consent to share your personal and medical information that needs to be discussed/used by medical doctors and staff at Sina Medical Clinic. 
In case you need to contact us: please send an email to or contact the clinic directly at 604-336-7462 ext 2. 

About Sina Medical Clinic

At Sina Medical Clinic we are pleased to offer same day appointments (walk-ins). Virtual visits (telehealth) and phone consults are also available.  We have an on-site pharmacy as well. This makes Sina Medical unique as our doctors are able to discuss patient’s condition with our pharmacists  and come up with the best solution for our patients. This way, the doctor, the pharmacist and the patient can join together and discuss the options necessary for the patient’s treatment while they are in the same place. 


Service Type:


Our Doctors

– Dr. Kathy Rahnavardi, MD   | female doctor | works on Wed & Thursdays

– Dr. Christina Wang, MD  | female doctor | works on Mon & Tuesdays

– Dr. Azadeh Abolfazli, MD  | female doctor | works on Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fridays

– Dr. Nooshin Nikoo, MD  | female doctor | works on Saturdays

– Dr. Negar Hafizi, MD  | female doctor | works on Mon & Sundays  

– Dr. Kevin Li, MD  | male doctor | works on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fridays

– Dr. Pierre Receveaux, MD  | male doctor | works on Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sundays  

– Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND  | female doctor | work on Saturdays | by appointment only

– Dr. Dr. Ekaterina Krantsevich-Riehl (Dr. Kate), ND  | female doctor | work on Saturdays | by appointment only

– Dr. Ekaterina Krantsevich-Riehl, ND  | female doctor | works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For  more details and book an appointment click here.

– Dr. Saeedreza Ganjizadeh-Zavareh, Internal Medicine | male doctor | by appointment only

– Ms. Maryam Goldan, Clinical Counsellor | female | by appointment only


List of Services

          -Walk-In Visits

          -Prescription Refills

          -Specialist Doctor Referrals

          -Travel Clinic (consultation and  administration of necessary vaccines/immunization based on patient’s travel destination)

          -Women’s Health (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pregnancy Tests, PAP tests, IUD Insertion, etc.)

          -Sports Medicine / Pain Management / Osteoporosis / Arthritis

          -Internal Medicine Consultations by Dr. Zavareh

          -Gynecology Medicine Consultations by Dr. Mohtashami

          –Naturopathic Consultations by Dr. Wiley & Dr. Kate

          –Clinical Counselling Consultations by Ms. Goldan

          –Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic by Dr. Sasi (BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Treatment of Skin Conditions e.g. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Melasma, etc.)

          -Childhood and Adult Immunizations and Vaccines

          -Surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive treatments

We are doing our best to offer quality service to our patients.  If you liked your visit at our clinic: please write us a review on google. If you didn’t like your visit: if there is anything that needs to be fixed or improved please email or call us. We always listen to our patients.


Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

During the pandemic, our doctors see patients in-person only if there is an urgent case that needs physical examination or procedure(s). You need to book a virtual appointment with a doctor first who will assess if an in-person appointment is necessary. If so, the receptionist will call you to arrange for a follow-up in-person appointment for you. For your information: pap tests, cryotherapy procedures, and beauty procedures are not considered urgent.

Sure you can. For the safety of our patients and staff, our doctors only see patients through telehealth video-conferencing. Please do not come to the clinic to book an appointment. You can book your appointment online through our website: We strongly suggest to book your appointment online. Please do not call the clinic’s phone line unless you are not able to use a computer/device to book your appointment.

Currently, none of our doctors are available to accept new patients. Drs. Sima Amid, Kathy Rahnavardi, Christina Wang, and Nooshin Nikoo offer family practice services but their patient panel is at full capacity at the moment. We will update this page if there is new availability.

Book an appointment with the doctor through our website to confirm with the doctor if they can still be your family doctor and if so, fill out the form (Request of Information Release Form) to transfer your file to our clinic. 

Family doctors advocate for you and work with specialists and other health care professionals to provide patient-centered care. They also work with you to prevent illness and promote healthy living. It is recommended to have one if you have chronic or complex medical conditions that require follow-up assessments and monitoring. If you do not have a family doctor, you can still see our walk-in doctors who would be happy to see you.

If you booked an appointment through our website, and it’s more than 24hrs until your appointment, you can cancel or change your appointment yourself through the link provided in the confirmation email. If it’s less than 24 hours or you booked your appointment in person then call the clinic and cancel or change your appointment. Please note that if you are cancelling your appointment less than 24hrs a $30 cancellation fee will be applied to your account for regular visits and $100 for specialist visits. This policy is still in effect during COVID-19 pandemic; please make sure you cancel your appointment on time.

If there is no available slots showing on our website then we do not have any appointment slots to book you in. Your option is to walk-in on the day you would like to see a doctor and if any walk-in spots are available, we can put you in the schedule. Please note that we have limited walk-in spots and they are available by first-come, first-serve basis. As such, the earlier you come in the morning, the better chance you will have to see a doctor. COVID-19 UPDATE: We do not accept any walk-in patients at the present time until further notice. Please book for a virtual appointment to see a doctor online through video-conferencing. You can book your appointment here:

Please book your own appointment through our website directly: if you have any difficulty using a computer or cannot use the online booking system, you can give us a call and we can book your appointment over the phone for you.

No, please call the specialist office directly and reschedule your appointment yourself. Once we fax the referral to a specialist, they will put your name in their waitlist and triage or book appointments based on their availabilities. Once an appointment is made, most of the time they call patient directly and will fax us a confirmation letter. In that case we will call patient to notify the patient as well. Usually, the specialist referral is a lengthy procedure and it takes about 1-9 month(s) for the specialist clinic to process a request and book an appointment. IMPORTANT: please make sure to write down your appointment date/time, phone number, address and preparation procedures for your appointment. Also most specialist appointments have a no-show policy, please make sure you attend your appointment or cancel/reschedule your appointment directly with the specialist clinic.  

For blood and urine tests, please go to your nearest LifeLab location (you can find the closest location through the LifeLab website at For Xray and regular Ultrasound you can go to any imaging lab that offer this service. You may do a google search for your nearby imaging lab locations. Some of the common imaging labs in Downtown are: Westcoast Imaging, Downtown Radiology, and Seymour Imaging. The lab requisition that you receive from the doctor usually has a location for doing the stated on the requisition and we highly recommend that you do the test at the location stated on the form. But, if you cannot go to that location, you can search for a nearby radiology/imaging lab and call them ahead of time to book an appointment or ask them to see if they offer the service needed for your test.

Depending on the test it takes 2-3 business days (for Lifelabs tests), 3-7 days (for XRay/Ultrasound), and 2-4 weeks (for lab work done at hospitals or consultation report from a specialist) to get results back. Once the results are in a copy goes to the ordering doctor’s inbox and they will review your results. If the results are normal, we will not contact you; otherwise, you will receive a call from us to come in for a follow-up appointment. If your symptoms are still present and you have any concerns but have not received a call from us regarding your results please call our clinic to see if a follow-up appointment is appropriate.

We only release information about lab results to other clinics that request a copy by fax.  We do not email results to patients due to confidentiality reasons. If you want a printed copy, we can only print a copy for you with the ordering doctor’s permission. Also, you can get access to some of your lab results (for the past 10 years) through website yourself.

COVID update: due to the covid outbreak, patients can request to have a copy of the results emailed only if they give us a verbal or written consent by email (with full name, date of birth, and personal health number included). 

While the physicians and the clinic’s staff will attempt to review and respond in a timely fashion to your electronic communications, the physicians and the clinic’s staff cannot guarantee that all electronic communications will be reviewed and responded to within any specific time period and electronic communication cannot be used for medical emergencies or other time-sensitive cases.

If your electronic communication requires or invites a response from the physician, the clinic, and the clinic’s staff and you have not received a response within a reasonable time period, it is your responsibility to follow up to determine whether the intended recipient received the electronic communication and how the recipient will deal with the matter.

Please note that an electronic communication is not an appropriate substitute for in-person or over-the-telephone communication or clinical examinations, where appropriate, or for attending the Emergency Department when needed. You are responsible for following up with the physician and the clinic’s staff about your electronic communications and for scheduling appointments where needed (e.g. receiving a letter/note/document where the physician needs to know your medical history, possibly ask you relevant questions, and sign your documentation).

Although we would appreciate it if you sign our “Consent to Use Electronic Communication” form to ensure that you fully understand our policy, please note that if you choose to communicate electronically with our team you are agreeing to our clinic’s electronic communication policy that can be found here. 

No, we do not fill out forms by email. You need to book an appointment with one of our doctors and ask them to fill it out for you then. Please note that depending on the form and the amount of time required to fill it out, there will be a fee for filling out forms ($50-$275). Also, if your form is lengthy, the doctor may want to have more time to review your file and fill out your form. In this case they may ask you to give them additional time and pick up your form at a later time. 

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