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Sina Pharmacy – Online  Prescription Services

With our new online services system, you can securely upload your new prescription(s), send your refill request, or request to transfer your medications from other pharmacies to Sina. Filling your prescription is more secure and a lot easier with Sina Rx Portal. Simply upload a photo of your prescription along with your insurance card and our pharmacy team will do the rest. Our online portal is secure and your information will only be sent to the pharmacy for processing your order.  *** Please note that your original prescription is required at the time of pickup or delivery. **

To fill a new prescription, you can take a photo of the prescription and your insurance card (if there is new changes to your policy) and send them along with the form below. Our pharmacy staff will then receive a copy and will give you a call to make arrangements to process your prescription.

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    Upload your prescription*

    Upload your insurance card

    >> if you haven't provided your card info before or there is a new change to your policy<<


    To request a refill please provide the the prescription number. You can find the prescription number from the label on your medication's bottle or the receipt. Use the form below to submit your request. 

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      Prescription #1 *:

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      NOTES: * All prescriptions entered must match the name as entered above.  ** Your prescription will be processed during normal pharmacy hours.   *** If refill authorization from your physician is required, it may take 1-2 business days to have your prescription filled (and we are not responsible if your doctor decides not to provide a prescription). 

      You can request a transfer of your prescription(s) from any Canadian Pharmacy to Sina Pharmacy. Please fill out the from below and our pharmacy team will contact your previous pharmacy to request a transfer as soon as possible.

        First name*:

        Last name*:

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        Phone number*:


        Pharmacy Name*:

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        By sending your request, you agree to have ALL your prescriptions and remaining refills transferred to Sina Pharmacy. By law not all prescriptions can be transferred. Speak with a member of our Pharmacy team for more details.


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        Dr Kate is working at Sina and is accepting patients for general naturopathy consultation, IV nutrient therapy, PRP/PRF, and microneedling.


        NOTE: We offer direct billing. As such, if you have an extended insurance, you may not need to pay for your visit and we bill the insurance company directly.