We are a full serve pharmacy & medical clinic that specializes in travel health consultations for patients. We can provide comprehensive options for travelers including identifying candidates for prescription medication likely effective against organisms in the area they will be visiting and that doesn’t interact with your current medications.

Why Patients Choose Us 

We are your one stop travel health solution

You can have your pre-travel consultation and vaccinations at the same time. You can also pick up travel related retail items and over the counter medications all in one place.

Travel health is the core of what we do.

Our travel health practitioners are up to date with the latest travel health news and alerts. Their knowledge and experience helps them determine a specific plan to keep you safe and healthy while you are away.

We don't just provide vaccines and medicines!

We will also provide educational information specific to your trip. With this knowledge, you will know how to stay safe and reduce your risk of getting sick while away.

We offer Yellow Fever Vaccinations

We are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Your vaccination & prescriptions are directly billed to your employee drug benefits plan

If your vaccinations and prescriptions are covered by your employee drug benefits plan, we may be able to submit your claim directly and save you the hassle of sending in your receipts.

No hidden fees!

The consultation fee is $120. The appointment time is 30 minutes. During the appointment, the doctor will go over the vaccines required for the place you are travelling to and at the end of the session the doctor will administer the vaccines for you. You may need to purchase some vaccines from the pharmacy (if the vaccine is not available for the public use) but the administration of your vaccines by the doctor is free of charge.

Travel services f.a.q.

How do we assess patients?
Travel assessments are recommended for all travelers. This visit includes a consultation with one of our doctors/pharmacists. During this appointment our doctor/pharmacist will:

  • Review your health history, previous vaccination history, and travel itinerary
  • Give health advice
  • Discuss the recommended/required vaccines

It is recommended you book an appointment 4-6 weeks before you are traveling.


What is the cost of an appointment?
We charge $100 as a comprehensive consultation charge. However if you would like an immunization without assessment, a $20 injection fee per shot will apply. Note: In case you need a prescription for an injection, our doctor in the medical clinic will help you with no additional charge.

What should I bring to an appointment?
Please bring the following:

  • Previous vaccination records
  • List of medications
  • CareCard or BC Services Card
  • Travel itinerary
  • Method of payment (Visa, Mastercard, debit or cash)

Types of injections we administer?
The attachment sheet shows the list of vaccines we offer.  >>List of available vaccines<< Please contact us if your need an injection that is not listed.


Our pharmacy & medical clinic has been designated as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Some countries require you to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination to prove that you have been vaccinated against diseases prevalent in the territory and we can provide the required documentation on site.


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Dr Kate is working at Sina and is accepting patients for general naturopathy consultation, IV nutrient therapy, PRP/PRF, and microneedling.


NOTE: We offer direct billing. As such, if you have an extended insurance, you may not need to pay for your visit and we bill the insurance company directly.