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Sockwell Compression Stockings

We are pleased to announce that Sina Pharmacy is now carrying Sockwell Compression Stockings for men and women in a variety of beautiful styles. Sockwell products are perfect for prolonged periods of sitting, exercise recovery, swollen feet, travel and for treatment of varicose veins.Keep your feet feeling extra comfortable with the Sockwell compression stockings.

Size for stockings for men

Medium/Large: 7 to 10 US
Large/Extra Large: 10.5 to 13 US

Size for stockings for women

Small/Medium: 5 to 7.5 US
Medium/Large: 8 to 10.5 US


Sockwell stockings are made using a combination of Merino Wool, Bamboo, Nylon, and Spandex.


This fiber provides natural thermoregulation and moisture management. It is super soft, durable, and resilient.


Alpaca is a super soft fiber with superior natural thermoregulation and moisture management as compared to wool.


A custom yarn of Cashmerino/bamboo. This renewable fiber blend balances durability and environmental friendliness with thermoregulation properties of wool and luxurious bamboo.


Sockwell socks have spandex throughout, ensuring an uncompromising fit no matter the foot size or shape. Sockwell guarantees that their socks will fit as well at the end of the day as they did when you first pulled them on.

Where are the stockings manufactured

Sockwell stockings are crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques in world-class American mills. Helping preserve jobs, supporting local economies, and managing their carbon footprint.

Special Features

Spandex Throughout – All Goodhew socks are manufactured with Spandex throughout the entire sock. One of our complaints about so many socks is “bagging out” of the sock as the day goes along. Spandex used throughout the entire sock ensures a snug fit all day long and helps prevent slipping in the shoe. We are not aware of any other brand that uses spandex throughout the sock in every sock they make.

Flat Toe Seams – There is probably no greater item that can cause discomfort in a sock than a bulky toe seam. Sockwell stockings use specially developed flat toe seams in all of their socks to ensure that you don’t even notice they are there.

Ring Toe Cushioning – Sockwell uses ring toe cushioning in all of our cushioned socks. Ring toe cushioning is an extra band of cushion they put around the toe seam of the sock to bury the toe seam and further enhance the comfort of their flat toe seams.

Y-Heel Construction – A Y-heel is a feature introduced in the knitting of the sock that creates a slightly deeper heel pocket making the sock shape more anatomically correct. Y-heels serve to contour the heel of the sock more exactly to the foot and helps reduce the incidence of the sock slippage into the shoe.

Arch Support – An arch support is an added band of spandex that is knit into the sock in the arch area of the foot. An arch support serves two functions: providing support to the arch area of the foot and reducing slipping of the sock on the foot.

Turn Welt Top – A turn welt top is a feature whereby the top of the sock is tucked down inside the sock. The benefits of a turn welt are extra elastic in the top of the sock to help keep the sock up and a clean, finished appearance to the top of the sock.