Sina Health Centre

ADHD Medications

For Adults 18+

First Line Agents-Long Acting Psychostimulant:

*CADDRA is the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance organization.

Second Line/Adjunctive Agents-Short Acting and Intermediate Acting Psychostimulants:

Second Line/Adjunctive Agent-Long Acting Non Psychostimulant-Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor:

Off-Label Treatment for ADHD:

General Information:

  – All ADHD medications have effects on the cardiovascular system-increase heart rate and blood pressure.
  – Start with a very low dose, stop when target symptoms are better.
  – Long-acting medication is preferable to short-acting as improve compliance and have better effects.
  – While long-acting medication is preferred they can be augmented with short-acting psychostimulants
  – Monitor patients every 2 weeks until correct dose is reached then every 3 months thereafter.