About our pharmacist

Our pharmacy manager, Fatemeh Soleiman-Panah, received her pharmacy degree (BScP) from the University of British Columbia (UBC). She also has a BSc degree in Chemistry from UBC. Currently, she is completing her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) at the University of Florida. The PharmD training provides pharmacists with the knowledge, skills and values required to become advanced practitioners and more knowledgeable in safe and effective use and distribution of medications to patients.

Fatemeh is authorized to provide vaccine injections, and has received specialized training in compounding from the Professional Centers of America (PCCA) in Houston, TX, and has extensive knowledge in compounding medications such as Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women, Anti-Aging and Cosmeceutical Compounding, and Pain Management Compounding.



Why we started Sina Pharmacy & Health Centre

Sina Pharmacy is a family owned independent pharmacy established in November of 2014. As a pharmacy team, we understand our critical and significant role in the healthcare system as well as the role of other health care professionals in the management of a patient’s condition. We also recognize that prescription medications are not the only way to treat/prevent a medical condition and that natural products and lifestyle changes are effective treatment and preventative options that could be very beneficial. That is why at Sina Pharmacy, we offer a patient centered health care model with an Alternative Medicine approach and our mission is to help our customers attain optimal health and achieve their health goals.

Being an independent pharmacy, we can offer our patients the best of what the industry offers. As such, we have selected the best brands of different products in the market. We are confident that our selection of over the counter and non-prescription products are effective and useful options for different treatment/prevention purposes.

We started the pharmacy with one goal in mind: to be satisfied that we are giving the best possible service and products to the public and we feel that so far we have been able to meet our goal as we are receiving very positive customer feedback.

We are happy to hear our customer’s feedback and incorporate their ideas/suggestions into our vision and strategic plan. Please leave us your comment or suggestion.

What makes us different

Sina Pharmacy & Health Centre combines regular and integrated natural remedies. We have in-house medical clinic with general practitioners (GP or MDs) and naturopathic doctors. This helps patients to see doctors faster and fill their prescription medications right after their visit from our pharmacy. We are sincere in our concern to assist patients in solving their special health or pharmacy needs and we pride ourselves in the tradition of the knowledge and experience which we have acquired over the years. We have developed a variety of outstanding clinical services to meet the needs of patients and other health care professionals including travel clinic, smoking cessation clinic, compounding formulations and specifically Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) consultations. We are also authorized to offer the Yellow Fever Vaccine which is a requirement to enter most South American and African countries.

At Sina Pharmacy you will find services such as individualized compounding services. Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. This method allows us to work with the patient and the prescriber to customize a medication to meet the patient’s specific needs. We are a member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). Our pharmacy manager has been trained by PCCA in Houston and in Vancouver on compounding. Her particular areas of interest are dermatological treatment options, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Pain Relief medications. Through our membership with PCCA we have access to a complete line of exclusive compounding equipment, devices, and chemicals. Also, as a PCCA member we have access to a group of experts (from pharmacists and physicians, to scientists) who are available to offer their advice about different treatment options available for every specific case which may or may not include compounded medications.

In addition to our customers from downtown, we have customers from other areas of town and that is why we offer free delivery to Vancouver, and North/West Vancouver area on any prescription medication and non-prescription purchases over $80.00.

Contact us with your health care needs and find out how we are different from other pharmacies.

Where does our name come from

The name Sina comes from the name Avicenna (or Ibn Sina) who was  a true polymath who made contributions to many different areas of science ranging from medicine, psychology and pharmacology to geology, physics, astronomy, chemistry and philosophy. His most important contribution to medical science was his famous book, the “Canon”. Read More…


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Dr Kate, ND is accepting patients

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Dr Kate is working at Sina and is accepting patients for general naturopathy consultation, IV nutrient therapy, PRP/PRF, and microneedling.


NOTE: We offer direct billing. As such, if you have an extended insurance, you may not need to pay for your visit and we bill the insurance company directly.