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Beauty & Energy Foundations

Sina Pharmacy offers premium collagen, silicon and magnesium formulas from high quality and reputable supplement lines such as CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products.

Premium collagen and silicon supplements restore and maintain beautiful skin while premium magnesium enhance daily energy and vitality. Both beauty and energy are more than skin deep–they start at the cellular level with solid nutritional foundations.

Beautiful Skin

CanPrev Collagen Beauty

Collagen Beauty enhances collagen metabolism because it stimulates fibroblast cells in the skin to:
● Improve the appearance of skin
● Support smooth skin
● Enhance skin elasticity
● Reduce wrinkles, and
● Diminishes fine lines.
This unique liquid formula contains bioactive epidermal collagen peptides that are clinically proven to reduce eye wrinkles in as early as 28 days.

CanPrev Silicon Beauty

Silicon Beauty contains MMST silicon, a 100% soluble form of silicon derived from Nova Scotian quartz. MMST silicon is better absorbed by your body than other supplemental silica sources such as bamboo, colloidal and choline-stabilised. MMST was shown to be 3-5 times more absorbable than the next leading form of silicon. MMST is a highly soluble monomeric silicon source that is both small and stable. This unique liquid formula contains a nourishing combination of silicon and biotin to help maintain beautiful hair, skin and nails.

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Energy & Vitality

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for energy production and as a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems involved in muscle contraction, protein synthesis, hormone receptor binding, blood sugar control, and nerve function. This is why vital organs like the heart and brain simply can’t function without an adequate supply of magnesium.

Magnesium Deficiency

Despite magnesium’s importance to your health, you may not get enough from diet alone because of nutrient-depleted soil, modern agricultural practices and the lack of magnesium in processed foods (if you eat processed foods).
Signs of magnesium deficiency are:

1. Restless legs syndrome
2. Muscle cramps
3. Insomnia
4. High blood pressure
5. Bowel disease
6. PMS
7. Kidney stones
8. Heart palpitations
9. Fatigue
10. Mental Confusion

Effective Magnesium Supplementation

Two factors determine how effectively your magnesium supplement strategy will work:

1. How much magnesium you consume daily; and,
2. How much you absorb

Health Canada recommends a daily intake of 300 mg of magnesium for men and 250 mg for women.
Magnesium absorption depends on your:

● Diet
● Stress level (and how you manage stress)
● Medication intake
● Age

For most individuals, magnesium bis-glycinate is the ideal choice for a gentle and absorbable source of daily supplemental magnesium. CanPrev offers a range of magnesium supplements designed with you in mind.

Choose either pure magnesium in your preferred dosage form and potency (capsules, powder, or new liquid) or a goal-specific magnesium formula: Sleep, Cardio, Malate or ElectroMag.

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