Put your name on our waitlist. We will contact you upon receiving new supply.

COVID-19 Antigen Test

We will be receiving a limited supply of Covid-19 Antigen tests this week and the upcoming weeks. Interested patients can reserve their spot in our waitlist and we will contact them when we receive our supply based on their position on the waitlist.

Price: $79 per kit (5 samples).    Kits are Health Canada approved.

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Put your name for COVID-19 Antigen test

Put your name down on Sina Pharmacy’s  waitlist and we will contact you once we receive new supplies of Covid-19 Antigen Test.  *Note: Due to limited supplies, each household can purchase one kit at a time.  Please avoid making multiple requests.

Additional Information

Health Canada Approved

The kits are approved by Health Canada. There is an instruction sheet inside each kit which shows how to prepare a nasal sample and read the final result. 

PRICE & Guantity

Our price for each kit is $79 CAD + GST.  There are 5 tests in each kit.  Each household can purchase one kit at a time.  Please avoid making multiple requests.



We purchase the kits from our medical supply distributor. We call patients based on their order on the waitlist. 


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