This year, Get Your Flu Shot at Sina Pharmacy

Sina Pharmacy is committed to helping you stay healthy and getting the flu shot is your best defense against the flu. Sina Pharmacy is pleased to offer flu shots starting October 20th, 2016. Our pharmacists can immunize you with a flu shot any time, any day (no appointment necessary, but if you do not want to wait longer you can make your appointment by filling out the form provided below). When you check-in at the front desk, all you need is your provincial health card (Care Card). Please note that by BC provincial legislation, Pharmacists cannot administer a flu shot to children under 5 years of age.

To book your appointment please call 604-336-SINA


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flu?
What is the difference between a flu and a cold?
How does the flu spread?
When does the flu season start? How prevalent is the flu?
What are the health consequences of the flu?
How can you prevent the flu?
Who should get a flu vaccination?
Who should NOT get a flu vaccine?
What influenza viruses does this season’s vaccine protect against?
What are my vaccine choices this year?
Who is eligible for a free influenza vaccine?
What should I do after my flu shot?
What are some possible side effects following the flu shot?
Can the flu vaccine give you the flu?
In addition to the flu shot what are other important ways to prevent the flu?
Who is most at risk if they catch the flu?
Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding get the flu shot?
I’m a healthy adult. Why should I have an annual flu vaccination?

Reduce your risk and get your flu shot. All you need is your provincial health card & 15 minutes of your time.