Osteoporosis Health Promotion

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Osteoporosis Health Promotion

Where: Online Webinar

Topic: Osteoporosis Health Promotion
Date: February 24, 2021
Time05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Presented by: Austin Dosanjh (4th Year UBC Pharmacy Student)

Use this link to join the meeting: https://bit.ly/3bF56fQ
Meeting ID: 777 7072 7045
Password: 123

A message from Austin about what he will cover: I will discuss how the FRAX Score estimates a patient’s risk for osteoporosis, along with visually explaining how to interpret the results from a bone mineral density test. I will also discuss calcium dosing based on age and for menopausal women, along with how to qualify for the bone mineral density test.  If are at risk of osteoporosis yourself or have friends or family that are diagnosed with osteoporosis please join me on February 24th to review and discuss this topic together.