See the Doctor, Online

Sina Pharmacy and EQ Virtual Medical Clinic have teamed up to offer tele-medicine services to interested patients. Tele-medicine, through secure video-conferencing, offers face-to-face consultation between a practitioner and a patient. You can now see a BC Family Doctor or Specialist at Sina Pharmacy by appointment. If you are a BC resident and have a valid PHN (Personal Health Number) your visit will be free of charge and covered by MSP (Medical Services Pan). 


How it works

Step 1: Book your Appointment

You can book an appointment by completing the form provided here or call  604-336-SINA.

Step 2: Come to Sina Pharmacy and Check In

Come into Sina pharmacy at your scheduled time to see a virtual BC doctor and check in.

Step 3: Create Your Patient Profile Account

Use our in-store device to setup your patient profile account.  For covered visits, you will also need your Health Care Card number. All information on your account is encrypted and securely stored in Canadian data centres.

Step 4: Connect with the Doctor

When you start your visit, you are connected to a Care Manager who will answer any questions you may have. The Care Manager will connect you to the Doctor for your visit.

Step 5: Review Your Care Plan

When your visit with the doctor is complete, you can review the care plan the doctor has created for you. Your Care Manager is still available to assist you in booking a follow-up, a referral to a specialist, sending any prescriptions to the pharmacy, labs or other paperwork, and answering any questions you may have.


The following are medications that cannot be filled over telemedicine:

      - Narcotics or any prescription requiring a TPP (triplicate)
      - All opiate-containing pain medications including cough suppressants with codeine
      - CNS (central nervous system) stimulants including amphetamines
      - Benzodiazepines (including Ativan) and Zopiclone

The EQ Virtual Clinic is a telehealth platform. The practitioners are limited in that they will not be able to physically examine you. If your issue requires a physical examination in order to diagnose or treat, the practitioner will not be able to see you over the EQ Virtual platform.

Common issues the are teleheath appropriate:

      - Prescription Refills
      - Ordering and reviewing laboratory testing
      - Dermatological issues
      - Referrals to Specialists and Allied Health
      - Counselling Services (psychologists and counsellors available online)

Common issues that are not telehealth appropriate:

      - Ear/Lung Infections or issues
      - Vision Problems
      - Acute injuries (strains, sprains, broken limbs)
      - Illness/infections in infants or small children

Frequently Asked Questions

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Book your appointment

Please read the "Important Note" section on this page to ensure that your visit is eligible for this service before booking your appointment.

Select the date and time that works best for you:

Terms: I confirm that the information presented above is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and if there are any changes to the above I will notify Sina Pharmacy and EQ Virtual Clinic immediately.  I also agree to the "Terms of Service" as stated on the EQ Virtual website (click here for details).